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About Qindom

Qindom is a premier Quantum Intelligence (QI) research and solution service provider. Born as the game-changer in the present AI world, we are dedicated to reconstructing AI with quantum computing technologies in research and application. Our goal is to break through bottlenecks of AI and to provide sustainable QI solutions and industry standards. Qindom’s open platform enables users to enjoy the revolutionary experience of QI, and its intellectual properties are designed for applying quantum computing to revolutionize fundamental algorithms and models in AI, and realizing QI in real-world industry practices.

Our Team

We have gathered the most brilliant minds of our times from different academic fields and industries. We are a team of passionate and innovative experts and scientists of cross-disciplinary backgrounds in mathematics, quantum computing, machine learning, software engineering, data science, neuroscience, and other industries or domains.

Quantum Machine Learning will change the game of AI.

-- Chief Science Officer, L.L., Dr. Prof., Machine Learning

Where there is a wall, there is a will. At the dawn of Quantum Intelligence, we will tunnel through walls and chase the quantum vision.

-- Chief Operating Officer, D.W., Entrepreneur

The quantum products will not only change the mechanics in microcosmo, but also open up a new frontier for mankind to explore.

-- Product Manager, J.Z.

When qubits entangle with artificial intelligence, Qindom happens.

-- Chief Scientist, D.L., Dr. Prof., Mathematics Scientist

Quantum computing is the key to unlock unprecedented processing power.

-- W.K., Dr., Quantum Machine Learning Scientist

At the end of a quantum tunnel, we see an optimal future.

-- T.S., Dr. , Quantum Computing Scientist

If you agree that AI is working on making machine brains work, Quantum Intelligence is building eyes for them to see. This is not just an aspiration into the future, Qindom is currently putting it into practice.

-- K.W., AI Scientist

We are witnessing the creative destruction of financial services. With our cutting-edge Quantum Intelligence technology, Qindom is reconstructing this industry in the most relevant and exciting way for all banks, financial institutions, and investors.

-- CSO, R.E., Dr. Prof., Fintech

Quantum Intelligence - an edge in the competitive financial market that allow us to see through what is opaque to the crowd.

-- Q.J., Dr., Data Scientist

Rule followers go around the walls, while rule makers go through them. Like how qubits always go (tunnelling) though walls, we, Qindom, are the rule maker, with the determination to break down boundaries for a new world.

-- D.S., Quantum Scientist

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Growth Path

Now, Qindom welcomes partners and investors from all industries to cooperate and together lead the QI revolution!

Its first prototype, Compass 1.0, has been launched successfully after in-house research and development for two months.

The company received 2 million (USD) in seed round funding soon after launch.

Qindom works closely with leading research institutes in North America and form strategic partnerships with multiple industry leaders in Canada, China, United States.

Qindom’s competitive advantages and cutting-edge practices are recognized by industry leaders and investors.

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