Compass: A QI-Based Quantitative Prediction and Trading Strategy System

Compass 1.0 is Qindom's first Quantum Intelligence prototype in FinTech. It is a brand new QI-based quantitative prediction and trading strategy system designed for NYSE and Nasdaq-listed S&P 500 stocks in the U.S. market.

Qindom looks into the future of QI in investment and trading. Thus, we have spent the past few months in research and development of Compass 1.0.

Compass 1.0 is a complete modularized investment strategy system. It applies our patented Q-Method* technology powered by D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer in QI. It boosts accuracy in market and price trend prediction for investment products.

Investment Strategy
Stock Pool S&P 500 Stocks
Investment Strategy Long/Short Equity Hedge
Market Sentiment Q-Beta* Adaptive
Individual Stock Weight Self-Adaptive
Investment Leverage < 1
Adjustment Frequency Daily

* Financial investment prediction and trading strategies created under Qindom's independent research and development

Meet Compass

Qindom's First Quantum Intelligence Prototype in FinTech:
Brand New Quantum Intelligence Based Quantitative Prediction and Trading Strategy System

Product Advantage

Methodology Advantages

• Includes all market possibilities in our analysis by achieving global optimum efficiently
• Able to boost prediction accuracy by data training, model optimization, and signal quality enhancement
• Under the same circumstances, Compass generates the most accurate and effective prediction signal compared to other products in market
• Significantly reduces the processing time to enable daily prediction

Strategy Advantages

• Counters market fluctuations by utilizing adaptive long/short ratio and performs better when the market swings
• Compatible to safely adopt leverages and other financial derivatives
• Ensures long-term steady growth in returns and exhibits positive index results in our back-testing and paper-trading on S&P 500 listed stocks

System Advantage

• Autonomous adjustment and upgrade based on machine learning modularized investment strategy system
• Groups investment targets based on their similarities under the point of information theory
• Adopts adaptive signals to capture and reflect market and price trends more accurately and promptly than other investment strategy products in the market.

Perspective Advantages

• Along with self-adaption, Compass will constantly go through upgrades and evolution
• Compass can be extended to other financial product markets, including the Chinese stock market, the futures market, and the foreign exchange market.

Compass Development Plan


• QI-based quantitative prediction and trading strategy system on S&P 500 and China Concept Stocks in the US Market
• Expand to A-Shares Shanghai Stock Market
• Expand to the cryptocurrency


• Optimize Alpha and Investment Portfolio
• Upgrade signal to Infinity to increase efficiency and accuracy
• Increase the selection of investment targets in US and the Chinese stock market, as well as cryptocurrency market
• Enable automated trading with Interactive Brokers


• Develop an autonomous system architecture to connect with stocks in US and the Chinese markets, as well as the cryptocurrency market
•Introduce various investment targets including futures, options, and foreign currencies, etc.
• Expand into global market, including Hong Kong, Japan, and Europe, etc.
• Generate Compass Index

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