Quantum Intelligence Industry Solutions

Market Trend Prediction

In order to find out the underlying relevance of signals in market trend and price prediction among various investments in the financial market, we adopt the Alternative Method by calculating the global optimum with Quantum Intelligence.

Also, we generate Alternative Data based on the unique market signals generated through Quantum Intelligence's deep processing and extraction of extensive data.

We designed the Compass, our QI-based quantitative prediction and trading strategy system, with autonomous trading extension and autonomous system architecture.

Customer Retention & Managment

Qindom offers QI solutions to customer relation management. We apply our patented QI methodologies and algorithms in customer churn prediction, customer retention, and cost optimization. In this process, we also enable our clients to optimize their customer retention through preemptive marketing.

Qindom's churn and retention solution is tailored for customer-oriented corporate clients in industries such as telecommunication, e-commerce and insurance, etc.

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Recommendation System

The key to Qindom's recommendation system is introducing the right product or content to the right audience in the right manner at the right time for the best results.

Thus, we provide precision marketing in location-based content delivery by analyzing mobile device users' online and offline behaviors.

We also offer product precision marketing services to provide accurate audience insights. Through our QI-assisted data processing, our users will be able to reduce the noise, identify key trends, and find the best approach to appeal to their potential customers.

Credit and Risk

We provide credit risk modeling and insurance product pricing in personal credit and property and casualty insurance lines.

Quantum-based AI allows for accurate modeling on a personal level. We have designed three products and services in the credit and risk line, which relate to property insurance, pricing and risk modeling, and credit assessment.

For property insurance, our QI technology will assist in the process of agent automation, precise pricing model building, and long-distance claim settlement. Our service will also include precise property insurance pricing and fraud detection in pricing and risk modeling. Finally, individual credit reporting will be the main theme in the credit assessment.

Route Planning

Qindom thinks route planning is the key to finding good quality solutions within short periods of calculation and low logistic cost.

Route planning and traffic flow optimization is a perfect application scenario for QI optimization solutions in real life. The process involves minimizing the time for a given trip between its place of departure and its destination and minimizing total congestion among cars on all road segments.

In terms of application, our route planning optimization will reduce time and money in the logistics industry. It can also assist in traffic control and dispatching, as well as automated driving in the near future.

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