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Core Technologies

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing (QC) harnesses quantum mechanics to allow for computation in a parallel universe. The three fundamental properties that QC is based on are superposition, entanglement and tunneling.

Revolutionize AI with Quantum

Artificial intelligence is currently facing bottlenecks in reaching the next level of development. Current AI methodology requires energy, time, and is data-consuming. However, it still cannot reach expectations.

This is partially because Moore's Law in classical computer is approaching its limit and classical computer is also restricted by its architecture.

As the core in AI is the optimization problem, Quantum Computing is a natural fit for AI to prosper intelligence technologies to the next level.

Quantum's superposition state can process parallel computing efficiently. On top of that, Quantum's tunneling effect can calculate the global optimum in a planimetric manner. Global optima, on the other hand, can efficiently solve the problem of overfitting and the short-sightedness of local optima.

Introducing Quantum Intelligence

Quantum Intelligence (QI) applies quantum computing technologies in multiple scenarios to achieve combinatorial optimization of all current artificial intelligence methodologies.

QI adds a third dimension, which involves the superposition of two states 0 and 1, to the operation space of a machine learning algorithm to facilitate the exploration of quantum mechanics. The objective of QI is to build a much powerful yet cost-effective intelligent machine.

Qindom QI Solutions

At Qindom, we integrate advantages of featured machine learning algorithms into Our proprietary Quantum Intelligence (QI) optimized algorithm. By utilizing quantum features, which include superposition state, entanglement effect, and tunneling effect, we have achieved parallel computing and fair sampling in our solution models.

Thus, we apply quantum computing and machine learning technologies to combine AI methodologies with quantum properties. Powered by D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer, we approach the combinatorial optimization of all algorithms and models to achieve the goal of global optima.

*Credit to D-Wave Systems Inc.

Qindom QI Advantages

Qindom's QI solution is utilizing Quantum Computing to break bottlenecks of existing AI and to significantly boost the training and learning capabilities of AI model.

QI sampling increases fairness, globalness and randomness

QI reduces training and learning time

QI algorithm generates better quality results with higher accuracy

QI demands less training data and reduces the effect of data noises. Thus, it can process relatively incomplete and indefinite data

QI Research & Development Service

Qindom provides R&D services to our partners and clients by delivering optimized algorithms and models in Quantum Computing, developing Quantum Computing-based Machine Learning (ML) methodologies, and Quantum Computing Machine Learning application systems.

* Quantum Intelligence based Machine Learning methodologies created under Qindom’s independent research and development

How Does Qindom Apply QI?

At Qindom, we work closely with industry-leading partners and provide them with QI solutions to high-value optimization and machine learning problems.

Our QI solution methodologies are dedicated to tackle intractable computational problems of prediction in financial investment, route planning in logistics, recommendation in e-commerce, and churn prevention in telecommunication and insurance, etc.

Qindom not only develops QI algorithms, models and software based on classical and quantum processors and architectures, but also offer QIaaS platform services to firms, companies, and enterprises.

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Introducing QIaaS

What is QIaaS?

With QI at its core, QIaaS (Quantum Intelligence as a Service) aims at providing a cloud-based platform of machine learning services supported by quantum resources. An application can be built effectively without deep understanding of the hardware and model specifics.

How to Benefit from QIaaS?

On our QIaaS, every user can invoke hash rate or require model customization to develop industry applications. The platform will also correspond to user and company demands in quantum computing application technologies.

Therefore, every firm, company, and enterprise will be able to upgrade its current application architecture and enjoy the revolutionary experience provided by QI.

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