Quantum Intelligence:
Leading the Next Technology Revolution

Quantum Computing (QC) harnesses quantum mechanics to allow for computation in a parallel universe. The three fundamental properties that QC is based on are superposition, entanglement and tunneling.

Quantum Computing
Revolutionize AI with Quantum

Artificial intelligence is currently facing bottlenecks in reaching the next level of development. Current AI methodology requires energy, time, and is data-consuming. However, it still cannot reach expectations.

This is partially because Moore's Law in classical computer is approaching its limit and classical computer is also restricted by its architecture.

As the core in AI is the optimization problem, Quantum Computing is a natural fit for AI to prosper intelligence technologies to the next level.

Quantum's superposition state can process parallel computing efficiently. On top of that, Quantum's tunneling effect can calculate the global optimum in a planimetric manner. Global optima, on the other hand, can efficiently solve the problem of overfitting and the short-sightedness of local optima.

Introducing Quantum Intelligence

Quantum Intelligence (QI) applies quantum computing technologies in multiple scenarios to achieve combinatorial optimization of all current artificial intelligence methodologies.
QI adds a third dimension, which involves the superposition of two states 0 and 1, to the operation space of a machine learning algorithm to facilitate the exploration of quantum mechanics. The objective of QI is to build a much powerful yet cost-effective intelligent machine.

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Qindom QI Solutions

At Qindom, we integrate advantages of featured machine learning algorithms into Our proprietary Quantum Intelligence (QI) optimized algorithm. By utilizing quantum features, which include superposition state, entanglement effect, and tunneling effect, we have achieved parallel computing and fair sampling in our solution models.

QI Research and Development

Qindom locates in the middleware of AI and optimization ecosphere. Our research efforts are focused on proprietary quantum machine learning algorithms and methodologies. Quantum Intelligence as a Service (QIaaS) is provided to address complex AI optimization problems.

Infinity: Upgrade with QI Experience

Infinity is Qindom’s proprietary quantum machine learning (ML) algorithm that aims to boost the training and learning capabilities of classical ML models both in terms of speed and accuracy. Current ML methodology is time and data consuming, and, in addition, exhausts a great amount of energy to achieve satisfying results. However, it still fails to meet the expectations for problems with high complexity. Infinity, on the other hand, provides a remedy to address the above issues by utilizing the unprecedented processing power provided by quantum computers. Our novel quantum machine learning algorithm has shown great potential in improving various metrics over the current state-of-the-art ML models.

About QIaaS
Introducing QIaaS

QI at its core, QIaaS (Quantum Intelligence as a Service) is a cloud-based machine learning platform powered by quantum computing.

With QIaaS at hand, developers and our business partners can interact directly with API layers for authentication, modeling and prediction, and evoke machine learning algorithms from classical models and Qindom's QI-enhanced ones, including Infinity.

QIT QIaaS Experience

Quantum Intelligence Toolbox ("QIT") is a QIaaS hybrid system. It connects Qindom's proprietary technologies and algorithms with industrial demands and powers up quantum machine learning further to application levels.

Based on QIaaS cloud services architecture, QIT 1.0 follows quantum-classical hybrid principle. It currently supports quantum computers, classical computers, and digital quantum simulators on the hardware layer.

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